Exercise has been the BEST thing for our marriage!


Do you and your partner make staying active a priority in your relationship?

After pressing play this morning before starting work, hubby and I decided to put together a little couples workout for you to enjoy with your special someone.

Fitness has become such a core vital behavior of our relationship. It’s something that has helped grow us into stronger individuals so that we are better for each other.

When we first started dating, fitness was not something we used to do together. It is something that has evolved. Over time, it has become a non-negotiable activity daily for us because we have made a decision to live our healthiest lives TOGETHER as a team.

When you have a partner, someone to hold you accountable on your wellness journey, it makes it so much more enjoyable and FUN!😍

Try out this couples workout for a fun sweat sesh with your partner. Don’t have one? Grab a friend and do it!πŸ™ŒπŸ½

30 seconds each:
β€’ high knee punches
β€’ mountain climbers
β€’ traveling side punches
β€’ over-over-taps

Now, compete the following:
30 squat ball passes.
15 push-up taps.
30 sit-up ball passes.
15 traveling burpees.
10 incline partner push-ups.
30 alternating side lunges.

Repeat entire workout 3x through.

We guarantee you’ll be sweating like crazy! We were after just ONE round!😳

Don’t have a medicine ball? Grab one of your kids toys, a jar from the pantry, anything to add a little resistance and weight!πŸ‘πŸ½

Enjoy and let us know what you think!


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