A year ago, at 8:56pm

5:17am. That’s when it was. One of the best things that’s ever happened in my life.

But let’s rewind a little first.

Exactly one year ago today, at 8:56pm, we called our parents, and I began to walk the halls of the hospital hoping to induce stronger contractions to bring our baby boy into this world. 

Less than 8 hours from when we arrived, our little man greeted us in the early hours of the morning. Perfect as can be. Ten perfect toes. Ten perfect fingers. And the sweetest face I’d ever seen.

I’ve never know a moment more filled with love and so much emotion.

Motherhood is such an incredible process. You carry a little human in your belly for 9 months, pray that everything goes smoothly through delivery, and then in an instant it’s all over. But really…..it’s just the beginning of so much greatness.☺️

Being a mama is BY FAR the most joyous thing I’ve ever done in my life. Just knowing that I was able to bring life to something so tiny and perfect is amazing and overwhelming all at the same time.

• One year ago…..at 8:56 pm, I had no idea the amount of love I was about to have for a single tiny human. I had no idea the amount of love that was about to grow between my husband and I.

• One year ago…..at 8:56 pm I was about to endure the most exhausting experience of my life, all to meet our precious boy.

• One year ago…..at 8:56 pm, I was about to become a mom.

• And now…..a year later…..at 8:56 pm, I never knew how emotional I’d be to think back on that night and on this last year of Huddy’s sweet life. So much joy, learning, and love.

My sweet Hudson, mommy loves you more than you know, and I’m so glad you came into this world exactly like you did. Unique and perfect, just like you.💙

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