Is this reality?

It is pretty surreal sitting here this morning looking out at the beautiful bay, sipping on some half card coffee, and busting through some messages while our little dude naps.
Almost 2 years ago, I really had no idea that a life like this even existed. I had no idea that I could work so hard for something that I absolutely love. Something that brings me so much freedom, travel, and joy!
MY company brought my boys and I out here on this all expense paid trip so that I can learn more leadership skills to bring back to my team to help them help MORE people. Like really?! That’s so cool!
I love what I do. I love that it’s so family friendly. I love that it lets me travel the world all for the sake of learning how to be the best leader for my team, and coach for my challengers that I can be.
It’s all about balance, passion, and family for me and I feel absolutely blessed and grateful to be here. 🙈
Two years ago, it was about time I stared living more, and I’m forever grateful for this opportunity that has turned into incredible freedom and adventure for me and my family. 💗

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