FREE 12 Days of Fitmas


I am so excited to FINALLY announce my THIRD annual FREE 12 Days of Fitmas group coming up next week! 🤗

This group is completely free and simply a place for encouragement, freebie tips, and a fun way to stay active for 12 days this holiday season.

I will be sharing one move a day with you. I will be sharing holiday “healthified” recipes daily. I will also be sharing a bonus workout calendar you can use if you’d like a more intense workout every day as well. Most of all, it’s an encouraging place for community and fun!

This is my most anticipated group all year and I love hosting it! There is just something so fun about working out with a holiday flair. 🎄

I’m inviting you to join me! Tag two friends you think would enjoy doing this with you and I’d love to have them jump on board too.

Let’s have a blast for 12 days of festive holiday workouts, shall we?! ❤️

Comment below and tag your two friends if you want to join me!

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