Quote to live by


I just absolutely love this quote so much. 🙌🏽
It’s such a powerful thing when you experience seeing someone come into their own and feel comfortable enough to simply BE who they are.
No barriers. No judgement. No worry. Just simply, confidence. 💗
It’s been a long journey for me to strip myself of the insecurity and uncomfortableness in who I was, always worried about what others think. Always worried about the silent judgement.
Of course there are still times when those feelings creep up on me, but through time and working on becoming the best ME I can be, somewhere along the way, I gained confidence, security, and trust in who I am as a daughter of Christ and in what my mission in life is.
It’s magical, to see the changes and the comfort that lies in the quiet confidence of feeling comfortable enough to just BE ME. And to know that THAT is simply enough.
Do you know that you are enough?
Have you experienced that freedom of simply being YOU, unapologetically?
Your story and your life are beautiful, no need to apologize for the story that God’s painting in your life. Use it to bless others. Use it to fuel your passion and zest for life. 💗
Happy Friday, lovely. Be you. That’s the best version there is.

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