Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day 💗
What are your thoughts on this holiday? I often think of it as a Hallmark holiday, but I do love all the pink and red hearts everywhere.
We don’t celebrate it huge in our family; maybe some flowers, a nice card, and maybe dinner out or cooked at home. It’s more about just spending time together than a big to-do.
But today, not everyone has a sweetheart or someone special in their life to celebrate with. Maybe you hate today. Maybe today makes you remember something or someone that breaks your heart. 💔
So, let’s not focus on “Valentine’s Day” today, ok? I’m deeming it as something else—SELF LOVE DAY. 💗
Today, I want you to remember a few things about YOU:
You are beautiful. Inside and out.
You are strong and capable.
You are worthy and good enough.
You don’t have to be anyone but yourself.
You are creative.
You have passion waiting to be unleashed.
You are LOVED.
We are constantly told we aren’t good enough, don’t have what it takes, can’t do this or that, will never be as good as so and so, and you know what? That’s just bull!
YOU ARE ENOUGH. Every day. Over and over again.
Stop trying to measure up to this untouchable “perfection” that doesn’t exist, and realize today that you are pretty great, beautiful, and confident.
Beauty lies within your heart, and darling, you’ve got that! 😘
I challenge you to think about two things you LOVE about yourself. Maybe it’s something physical. Maybe it’s emotional. Either way, step outside your bubble of perception about yourself, and find the greatness in YOU! This is something I’m having my accountability group do today and it’s amazing to celebrate the responses.


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