You are strong.
You are bold.
You are confident.
* Let me get real transparent here *
Those are the verbal affirmations I shared in my morning post for my accountability group today. As I challenged them to share a #FlexFriday picture and speak those verbal affirmations over their day, remembering why THEY feel proud and strong, I find myself feeling every bit of the opposite.
You are STRONG. I have been sick almost all week, and the last three days I haven’t been able to eat a thing. Today everything I ate sent me running to the bathroom. I feel weak as a result and doctor’s orders to not workout much is throwing me off too. I don’t really feel strong today; emotionally or physically.
You are BOLD. I feel like an emotional mess with all this new sickness. I want to cry and sleep all at the same time, so that boldness I normally have is not feeling all that apparent. 🙈
You are CONFIDENT. I received a message from someone today attempting to take a negative stab at my confidence for showing my pregnant belly in any of my workouts. All I can say is I have worked a lot on self love and my own confidence over the years. It’s never been a strong suit of mine, so to have come so far so as to even share MY journey transparently and connect with other women on theirs — I refuse to let negative messages like that get me down for too long. I deserve better than that, and so do all the women I’ve worked with that have worked so hard for their OWN self confidence too.
It’s not always perfect peaches and roses. Just because I share my story with you doesn’t mean I’m not human and have my off days too. 🙈😊
So today, I’m humbling myself a little as I read through all of the amazing transformation that is happening with my March group ladies as they share their pictures today. They are so strong, bold, and confident and today, THEY are pulling me through. 💗
Love your body and be proud of what it’s been through and where it’s going. Nothing and no ONE can cut you down unless you let them. 😘

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