Don’t be fooled


It’s crazy how much different the angle of a picture can make you appear, isn’t it?
I took both of these pictures seconds after one another after my workout this afternoon.
Both at 30 weeks pregnant with our daughter. The first completely normal posture. The second flexing my core in.
There’s such a difference, so in honor of keeping it real this pregnancy journey, I wanted to show the two.
I’m so grateful to have had so many moments of activity in the midst of crazy pregnancy sickness with our daughter. It’s been an up and down journey for sure, but one absolutely worth it to bring our sweet second child into this world!
A picture only shows so much of a person’s story. We can hide behind any angle, filter, or hundredth photo taken, but at the end of the day it’s OUR story that counts. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else or any other perfection you see in a photo on your feed. You are beautiful and YOUR story is worth celebrating. 💗
Be real. Be you. Be bold. 😘

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