My transformation

#transformationtuesday has been looking much different over these last eight months. From one baby to the next, my body has been changing a lot for what feels like over 2 1/2 years.
The one thing that has been a consistent factor is my #fitlifestyle. But more than just the workouts and meals I plan each week, it’s my support community that has been a constant.
It’s amazing what having the right tools and the right people to support you in staying consistently active does for your mindset.
When I take care of ME through my nutrition and fitness, I immediately FEEL more confident and better emotionally, as well as physically.
This week as I’ve been getting one group of ladies finished up in our group and another started in their prep week, my heart is bursting with joy to see the amazing transformations and the ones that are yet to happen. So rewarding to facilitate a community and safe place like these groups, similar to what changed my life over two years ago.
I may not have lost 20 pounds between these two pictures, actually just the oppositeβ€”I’ve gained about that much in 32 weeks of this pregnancy journey, some added fluff and then some too.
But I am grateful to be active. I’m grateful to have a healthy baby growing in my belly for now the second time. I’m grateful to be an active mama to my 19 month old son.
There’s a lot of transformation going on inside even if it’s going the opposite way. πŸ˜‚
What’s your transformation story? Are you working on yourself from the inside out too? 😘
You’re beautiful and so is YOUR STORY! πŸ’—


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