How do you see yourself?

Can you believe I almost did not share this picture because all my eyes were drawn to were the hormonal zits on my face and the stretch marks on the sides of my legs and belly. How sad is that?
Look at how much JOY there is in this picture! It has been such a great day! Why in the world would I rob myself of that by picking myself apart and focusing on those little imperfections instead?
Maybe it’s the hormones from being 34 weeks pregnant, maybe I’m just exhausted, or maybe it’s the fact that a bikini is the only swimsuit fitting over this belly right now so she’s just all out there. šŸ˜‚šŸ™ˆ
But anyway, moral of the story, be kind to yourself, because I just caught myself totally being negative to my self confidence and that is what I constantly preach against!
I think as women this is always something that will be a work in progress no matter how many compliments you receive or how hard you’ve been working, but girlfriend, you deserve BETTER than that.
So speak kindly to yourself today. Give yourself grace. Think about the joy in the moment before you go critiquing what’s around it. šŸ’—
I’ve come a long way in finding confidence in my own skin, but it’s something I too struggle with from time to time still.
So instead of posting a giddy happy caption with this picture, I thought I would share a little more vulnerably about the thoughts that were going through my head before I shared it. Just keeping it real. āœŒšŸ½


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