Don’t Give Up!

“Having a rough start to the day?—Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason. DON’T GIVE UP.”
I stumbled across those words this morning while getting a few emails in and smiled to myself.
I woke up so uncomfortable, sore, sick and just in pain; not in the best mood. But the second I heard my little boy coming up to the side of the bed saying “mama, mama” I jumped (well, more like rolled) out of bed and put on my mommy hat.
Sitting here this morning, feeling every contraction and movement of our daughter, feeling the quick heartbeat of my son as he gets so excited to help mommy package a few The Be Brand orders and throw headbands off the table faster than I can keep up…all of that reminds me that I’m here for a PURPOSE.
God’s given me the gift of motherhood. The gift of mentorship. The gift of marriage. The gift of community.
He’s given me a purpose to fulfill in so many areas of my life, so why in the world would I wake up and not remember that?
You have PURPOSE too.
You’re alive.
Your heart is beating.
You have a mission.
Now figure out what it is, and live with passion. 💗


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