Looking back

As we were winding down tonight getting Hudson ready for bed, we were scrolling through old pictures and videos and giggling with him from when he was a baby.
Then I came across this picture on the left and it’s always going to be one I remember vividly. Talk about a transformation bump edition. 😜
We were packing to leave for a short overnight anniversary trip and that morning I realized I was late, so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Just minutes later we found out we were expecting our second child—a baby girl as we would later find out!
I was the thinnest I’d ever been and felt so confident and good in my new and improved mama figure after having our son. But round two of pregnancy was about to begin. ✌🏽
Tonight I shuffled upstairs and threw on my leggings and the same sports bra to take a comparison picture, now more than 30 weeks of pregnancy later. A few bouts of sickness endured, but an overall active pregnancy with well over 20lbs+ LESS gained with Sky than with Hudson.
I will never cease to be amazed at the way God has formed a woman’s body to endure so many changes. To stretch so far, to go back down, to provide life, to give nourishment, to navigate hormones, and so much fluctuation. It’s really a dang miracle. 😂
Heading into these last few weeks of pregnancy has me so grateful for my body, for my children, and for my community that has rallied around me and supported me through both pregnancies now. Not to mention my sweet hubby who has kept me going daily too! 👊🏽


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