Let’s go back to 2014

Let’s go back to 2014 when I was desperately searching for something else to do. I just found this in my notes on my phone last night.
We were planning to start a family, I was feeling burnt out and unfulfilled by my job as a teacher, and I had started a list of things I could do to make money as little side businesses…..😂😂
Clearly I didn’t get far before the opportunity of a lifetime fell into my lap. Just a few months after making this list I began the journey of a lifetime that fulfilled some of my greatest passions: creativity, teaching, writing, relationships, and health & fitness.
It’s pretty funny how life changes in an instant and how desperate I was to think of ANYTHING else I could do to possibly bring myself home from teaching to grow our family.
8 months in as a coach and I retired myself from teaching to a full time income from home as a health and wellness coach; fulfilling a greater mission that God laid on my heart to empower women.
So long #flashback, I’m moving nowhere but forward! 💁🏽


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