I have learned a LOT about mindset over the last few years and I have realized that IT is what controls how I approach every little thing in life.
It’s not easy to have a positive outlook sometimes, and it’s not easy to always think the best of every situation. We are human and we struggle.
BUT, one thing that has helped is starting my day off with some calm time—time to pray, read personal development, a devotion, something of the sort to kind of calm my heart and get me in the right headspace for the day.
I woke up in a bit of a funk this morning, disappointed over some work things, so uncomfortable, and lethargic. It’s been the longest week of my life without my husband around much. I am just downright exhausted and not in a positive headspace upon waking.
As I opened my computer to get through some work before Hudson woke up, this was the graphic that popped up when I went to do some coach recognition posts; how fitting right?
Today is only as good as MY mindset. If that’s the case, I better shape it up and get more positive this morning. haha! It’s Friday Eve! I’m alive and well and so are you — isn’t that reason to celebrate?
Let’s check any negativity, doubts, fear at the door and walk into today with a GOOD MINDSET that today is a fresh start, a new day, and a beautiful day to be alive!
XOXO! You are loved. Go share that with someone today! šŸ’—


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