Fresh New Week

Rise & SHINE & give God the glory!
A new week. A fresh start. A reset.
Things I’m looking forward to this week:
Getting back into a routine with hubby back to work and my new #momboss hours
Another check-up to see how Sky is growing
Story time at the bookstore for Huddy
Coach calls to help ladies grow their businesses and reach goals
Planning a team dinner/cocktail hour for our Summit conference in less than 40 days!
Starting to clean up my diet more and get into my new workout program with ease
Prep week with my challengers and helping them get started right
Meeting up with my sis and mom for park time with the kiddos
Lots of sunshine and outdoor playtime with my boy
Continuing to develop a mommy daughter bond with our sweet newest addition
Getting closer to our newest Be. Brand launch of basic tees!
Lot’s going on this week and I won’t lie….I’ve got a little anxiety about having both kids on my own more consistently now, on top of TWO businesses to manage and be the CEO of, but I know I can do it. 👊🏽
Thank goodness for helpful hands and collaboration from others to help make #mompreneur life doable, fun, and so rewarding. 💗
I so often get asked about #momguilt and how I struggle through that, and honestly—I think about it this way…..
I can be at work in two different places: outside of the house, or at home with my kids. I love working. I love contributing to my family. It gives me purpose and an outlet outside of just mommy and wifey. I never wanted to stop working, but I wanted to be home with my kids more.
So when I get asked how I make it work while being mom at home and not feeling guilty, I remind myself that I am working hard FROM HOME, with my kiddos running around me instead of being gone for 9+ hours a day. They see me. They watch me work hard. They see our family collaborating over empowering missions. They see the fruits of hard work, hustle, and passion. And they see how that in turn makes both my husband and I better for each other and for them.
I chose my life and lifestyle we have. It may be crazy. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay! But we love it & that’s what matters. 💗


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