Date your Spouse

This mama put on a dress, did her hair and makeup, and got out with her hubs tonight. I’m actually a human this evening. πŸ˜‚
It was our first date out since having baby girl and honestly in a long time aside from just getting dinner here and there in my last weeks of pregnancy. Man it was so fun!
I had gotten Spencer tickets to see a comedy dueling pianos show for his bday and we almost skipped tonight because Huddy’s been sick and I was nervous to leave Sky so soon.
My mama was so gracious to come over and assured us everything would be fine for a few hours so we could still go. And it was!
Sometimes it’s so easy to forget how FUN it is to date your spouse when life gets busy. So tonight, we got back to what we truly love doing. Listening to music and spending unplugged time together like when we were first love birds. πŸ’—
Date your spouse. Always. Never let anything get more important than that because your honey needs their love tank filled and you can’t do that when you fill your time only taking care of the kiddos and working.
We of course forgot to take a picture together, so here’s my bathroom selfie for proof that we got out for a fun couple of hours to jam to some music, have a drink, enjoy adult conversation, and just be love birds, just us, just for a few hours. 😍


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