Day 1

Day 1 of my meal plan for this program I’ve been doing the last week and today begins actual dedication with my test group ladies—meal plan AND the workouts.
My husband and I are following the second week of workouts since we’ve been sampling the first week ones for over a week now. 🙌🏽
Let me tell you. I already love the meal plan so much too. It shifts and changes from week 1 to week 3 and really takes into account the intensity of the workout itself to pair with the amount of food you need to fuel your body.
It’s amazing how great your body feels with dialed in nutrition and hydration. You’re not left to starve. Your simply fueling your body with more whole foods and less crap. 😜
Combining my breakfast and snack today since I’m on the go for a bit this morning. 👌🏽
❤️ 2 eggs
💙 1 tbsp shredded cheese
💚 handful of spinach
🌿 Superfoods with 1/2 a banana
Delicious and filling and now I’m off to an appointment and no need to stop and grab a breakfast sandwich somewhere.
I catch myself so often having my own excuses of why I don’t eat breakfast or why it takes too long as a busy mom in a season of life that is not easy at all, but the reality is. That’s exactly what it is—an EXCUSE.
You CAN make time. It DOESN’t take that long to whip up something healthy. And YOU are better equipped to tackle your day and everyone in it better because of it. Remember that. 😘
🌿 Fuel your body so you can fuel your life. 🌿


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