A lot changes over the course of a couple years. A month and a half after this first picture, we found out I was expecting our second child, Skylar.
Talk about being on an ongoing pregnancy and postpartum journey for close to three years. 😳Lots of body changes and transformations.
On the left…..
I weighed 132 pounds.
I was 11 months postpartum with our firstborn.
I had been done breastfeeding for 3 months.
I was the fittest I’ve ever been.
I had just completed an amazing dancing program which leaned my body out so much.
I had lost over the 50+ lbs I gained during pregnancy.
On the right…..
This is me today.
I weigh 144 pounds.
I am 10 weeks postpartum with our second child, Skylar.
I still exclusively breastfeed daily.
I began my postpartum fitness journey just 5 weeks ago.
My hips are wider.
I endured diastasis recti this pregnancy.
Both journeys have been so different, but equally as special. 💗
Embarking on each journey postpartum has been a test of my belief in myself. An invitation to give myself grace and love my body a little bit more for what it can endure and go through. A testament to hard work and dedication. A test of self love. 💗
Bringing sweet babies into the world is an incredible blessing and journey that I’m so blessed by. The second time around has been much different than the first, but I’m grateful for that.
It’s been teaching me so much about discipline. About loving my body. About speaking grace over myself. And about trusting the process.
Postpartum journey #2 is just in the beginning phase and I’m super pumped about where it’s taking me and my heart and mind. It all goes together; hand in hand.
Are you on a wellness journey too? I’m so glad we get to do this together. 👊🏽


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