80 Day Obsession

All I can say is WOW I have such a newfound and even MORE intense love and understanding for what my accountability ladies go through during my groups.
The comparison.
The scale and measurement watching.
Seeing more progress in the first week or two and then a slow down, if not increase in the third.
The mental battle and struggle.
This has been so good for me and I’m very grateful to be in this test group for the 80 Day Obsession. ❤️
I’ve stayed on track pretty well, with the exception of a few meals coming later than they should because of momlife and that’s just real life–I even had everything prepped, just literally couldn’t manage the chaos surrounding me for a minute enough to get my own self fed.🙈
The mental battle of WANTING wine and sweets after a long mommin’ day is rough some days, but I’m staying strong. This is a mindset test for sure and I’m loving the challenge and the results it’s producing all around.
Feeling stronger and I know with TIME and PATIENCE the weight will begin to go and the toning in my midsection will come. I just had a baby 3 months ago for goodness sake!
Everything about this program is showing me that the scale is so NOT the way to measure progress. It’s been all over the place since the start of this program, and at Day 21, I’m down 9 inches total and 4/5lbs depending on the day and any bloat or full nursing boobies. 👍🏽
Feeling excited I’m finally in week 4. Once we get through this week, I can officially be almost past the longest I’ve really gone THIS honed into my nutrition.
This group came in the middle of a very hard life stage for me with a lot of personal and family stuff going on. I almost said no to the invitation because it “was going to be too hard and inconvenient”.
But MAN am I glad I didn’t say NO. This group…the program…the individuals in it….are changing my life and honestly saving it a little bit too.
I needed this and I’m glad I didn’t give into LIFE and instead decided to say WATCH ME. A busy, crazy mom of two under two with a lot of family stuff and life stage transitions going on CAN do this and I’m gunna show you how. 👊🏽
Funny how opportunities come into your life because you need them more than you even knew. 🙏🏽


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