Truth Bomb

Just a little truth bomb for you this Monday morning. ✌🏽
No matter where you are in life, what’s going on, what burdens you; above all else you are BLESSED.
You are blessed and God is showing up in small ways you may not even notice. Try and find them!
I see it as, there are two ways to look at life—as a gift or as something that owes you.
You’ve got a lot going on and a lot that burdens you? Guess what, ME TOO! I feel your pain. But we have two options the way I see it. We can either CHOOSE to see our life as a gift and a way to find the little victories around us. OR we can choose to believe as though life owes us; constantly unhappy and demanding more, different, and like we deserve it.
God gave us this life so that we may be blessed and live abundantly. What is “abundantly” to you? He didn’t HAVE to do that. He was being gracious by giving us that gift. Every time I start feeling like the world owes ME something, I stop and look inward and remember these two things:
1. I am blessed and how can I find proof of that today?
2. Whatever I think is unfair right now, it could be so much worse.
Put your GRACE goggles on this morning and consciously CHOOSE to see life as a BLESSING. It may not always feel like it, but I bet you could name a few things right now that are GREAT things in your life. 💗
Try it. I dare ya! #liveinspired #silverlining #feedthebody #feedyourmind#findjoy #choosepeace


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