Postpartum Body

#Transformation memory. 🙌🏽
8.5 months postpartum with baby #1 to currently 8.5 months postpartum after baby #2.
Bodies change.
Lives change.
Situations change.
Priorities change.
Mindsets change.
So much can change in an instant, and physical transformation can be fleeting. But a well rounded transformation includes the INSIDE stuff too.
So much LIFE has happened between these two pictures, but the one constant has been the work I’ve done on the inside.
Personal development and my quiet time with Jesus every day has slowly made me a stronger, more capable, more believing woman. 💗
Isn’t the female body crazy?! I still can’t believe I gained 60 some pounds with my son, lost 65, then gained 40 again with my daughter and I’m just NOW to my pre-pregnancy weight in this second postpartum journey. So insane! What a humbling experience.😳


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