Prenatal Exercise


Staying fit during pregnancy is so important for you and baby. Not only does it help keep you healthy, it also maintains your flexibility and keeps your weight gain balanced throughout your entire pregnancy. Not to mention, those 30 minutes you spend sweating it out will help with all those aches, pains, and side effects you may be experiencing too.

Beachbody has launched a prenatal and postpartum workout series to help expectant mothers and new moms keep a well-balanced fitness routine. Autumn Calabrese, creator of The 21 Day Fix, has designed these workouts to be modified, low impact, and completely safe for all levels pre and post pregnancy.

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Here are some of my workout videos with tips and pregnancy-safe moves from my own pregnancy journey. Enjoy!

Preggo Kettlebell Workout: (do each circuit 4 times through to get that heart rate up)


Leg Workout: (repeat each move 3-4 times, 16 reps each)


Pregnancy-Safe HIIT Workout: (Do each move for 30 seconds ON, 10 second OFF. Repeat 3 times through)


Toning Yoga Flows:


Upper Body Add-in Moves:


HIIT Moves: (Do each move for 60 seconds. Rest 10-20 seconds in between.)


Pregnancy-Safe Ab Workout: (Complete each move 15 times, repeat all 5 moves 3 times through. Modify as needed if you are further along.)


Modified Kettlebell Workout:


T25 Cardio Modified: (Do each cardio then toning move for 60 seconds each. Repeat 2-3 times.)


Upper Body Modified:

Grab your birthing balls mamas! Try out these moves — 12-15 reps, 15x through.


Total Body Workout: (Stretch before and after. Complete each move 10-15 times. Repeat 3x for a good 30 minute workout.)



Try out these six moves for a full body workout. Working out during pregnancy can help you feel beautiful and confident in the midst of gaining water weight with baby on board.

Build that confidence and stay feeling GREAT! Pregnancy is not an excuse.

1. Seated overhead tricep dips
2. Seated biceps curls
3. Lateral arm raises
4. Squats (my fav)
5. Alternating side leg raises
6. Front-Back Ballet Raises

Stretch before and after for 10 minutes each; taking big inhaling breaths. Repeat each of these six moves 3x with 10-12 reps each.

Enjoy mamas!!


**Pregnant Birthing Ball Arm Exercises**

Bounce and wiggle away on your birthing ball, grab a set of 5lb Dumbbells and repeat these moves 12x for 2-3 reps for a low impact third trimester arm workout while you ease your baby into position too! Bonus!!


Here are some low impact leg & booty moves — safe for moms-to-be!

10-15 reps, repeat the exercise 2-3x, and do the three stretches on the bottom right to release all the tension you’ve built up!

1. Plié squats
2. Traditional squats
3. Back leg raises with flexed foot
4. Side leg raises & circles front/back
5. Hamstring & flute stretches