This program is the BOMB.COM — SERIOUSLY! Who can have a legitimate excuse to not workout when all it takes is 25 minutes?!

I completed this program throughout my entire pregnancy, all the way up to the week I delivered our son — talk about being for ANYONE! You start with the Alpha round for 4 weeks, then move to the Beta round where some of the workouts incorporate weights into the 25 minutes of cardio/toning moves. If you are really loving it, then there is also a Gamma round that can be purchased and that takes it to a whole other level!

  • Get an hour’s results in just 25 minutes a day with FOCUS T25
  • Includes 11 nonstop 25-minute workouts on 9 DVDs, Quick-Start Guide, Nutrition Plan, Workout Calendars, B-LINES Resistance Band (15 lb.), and 5-Day Fast Track Guide (located inside shrink wrap)
  • Major studies have shown that 30 minutes of exercise can be just as effective at burning fat and even more efficient than 60 minutes of exercise
  • With FOCUS T25, you need to work out just 25 minutes a day to get in the best shape of your life

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